longwood gardens<atlanta botanical gardens

Atlanta Botanical Gardens, founded in 1966 by Dr.

A gardener at the Botanical Gardens in Melbourne’s west has told ABC News he’s disappointed the Australian Biodiversity Council (ABC) is planning to take away his favourite garden, the Meadowlarks, from him.

In a letter, Mark McInnes, from Stirling Gardens, says the ABC is trying to remove his Meadowls from his property after he told them he would like them back.

The garden in south Melbourne is owned by local businessman Tim Bowers and he says he is upset by the move, which has been proposed by the ABC.

Mr Bowers said he was told the ABC would take away the garden if he didn’t sign a petition with the council and give the gardens back to Mr McInns.

“They were just being aggressive, and they wanted me to sign a document that they were going to take back the gardens,” he said.

A few days after Mr McIngnes letter was posted on the garden’s Facebook page, Mr Bowers received a letter from the ABC asking for him to sign the petition.

He says he had to do so and the ABC then contacted him with a request to come back.

“They wanted me in and sign the document and then take it back and return it,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

‘I don’t like them’ Mr Mcinnes said he wasn’t happy with the letter.

“(They were) being aggressive and it’s a very big garden,” he explained.

”I didn’t like it at all.”

It’s not like they said we have a conflict with the gardens, it’s just the way they’re handling it.”‘

They’re not doing anything about it, they’re not being proactive,” he added. “

There’s a lot of people here who don.t know what’s going on.

They’re not doing anything about it, they’re not being proactive,” he added.

On Thursday, Mr McIndnes said the ABC had told him he would have to come to an agreement with the ABC to have the gardens returned.

“[The ABC] have to deal with them and it has to be dealt with right now,” he argued.

When contacted by the Herald Sun, the ABC said it would have no comment on Mr McInes case.

This is the first time an ABC story has been reported about the Botanic Gardens since Mr McGoverns letter was published in March.

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