Longwood Gardens<atlanta Botanical Gardens

Atlanta Botanical Gardens, founded in 1966 by Dr.

Garden experts say they’re all over the map.

And not just in your backyard.

But in your local community, too.

The question is, which one has the best?

In a recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, gardeners across the country were asked which gardens in their communities have the best varieties of vegetables.

While some respondents didn’t specify which gardens they preferred, they were divided into two groups: Those who identified their gardens as urban and suburban, and those who did not.

The results were surprising: While suburban gardens scored higher than urban gardens on the urban garden scale, suburban gardens in urban areas scored lower than suburban gardens on both scales.

Gardeners in suburban areas also tended to grow the same number of varieties of greens as those in urban or suburban areas, but the difference between urban and rural gardeners was much smaller.

The authors say this suggests that urban gardeners are more selective than their suburban counterparts when it comes to selecting varieties of plants that have a wide variety of different qualities.

The researchers also analyzed the characteristics of gardens in the two groups.

Some of the gardens that were considered suburban gardens were more attractive than others.

Some were more varied, while others were more standardized.

The researchers also found that urban gardens tended to be more ornamental than rural gardens.

But urban gardens also tended more to have smaller plots of garden space.

“This suggests that suburban gardeners have a greater interest in the type and variety of plants they grow,” the authors write.

This pattern was different in the rural garden area, which tended to have more individual plants.

They tended to like varieties with a wide range of different shapes and sizes, such as rose hips, roses and raspberries, and were more likely to like the variety with the flowers that look like a cross between a rose and a strawberry.

“Urban gardeners tend to be drawn to the flowers and flowers and leaves,” the study authors write, adding, “They also tend to prefer varieties that have more of a pattern and patterned plantings.”

The study also found urban garden gardens tended more frequently to have fewer plants than rural garden areas.

They tend to have less plants than they do in suburban gardens.

And they tended to plant a lot less of the garden variety.

This suggests that while suburban gardener have a lot of garden variety, urban gardener tend to plant less variety.

“Urban gardener tended to do less of their own growing and more of the work of other gardeners, and they tended not to grow as much,” the researchers write.

They also found suburban garden gardeners tended to prefer smaller plots and to use less garden soil.

These patterns suggest that suburban gardener tend to grow a lot more gardens in an urban setting than urban garden owners tend to.

While the study didn’t examine the specific characteristics of gardeners who grew urban and suburbs, it did include some of the most common characteristics found in urban and residential gardens.

Garden owner and gardener are both typically more feminine, are more likely be in a large household, and tend to want to have children.

But this study also showed that gardeners in urban garden areas were also more likely than gardeners on suburban sites to be married and have children, which suggests that they’re more concerned about family than they are about the garden.

In terms of what types of plants are more important in urban gardens, the study found that rhododendrons and lilies are more often favored by urban garden buyers, while tomatoes and parsnips are more favored by suburban garden buyers.

And there was some variation in how these factors played out in rural gardens, too, with some gardens that are more urban tended to get more tomatoes and some gardens less.

But overall, the results suggest that urban gardener gardeners value plants with a variety of characteristics, which may be an important part of their success.

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