Longwood Gardens<atlanta Botanical Gardens

Atlanta Botanical Gardens, founded in 1966 by Dr.

A couple who live in the Luxembergers gardens in France are determined to keep it alive and keep the family farm alive.

The couple are part of the world-famous Luxemburger family who have been farming the estate since 1888.

Their farm in Burgundy was once a major agricultural center.

In 2005, it was taken over by the French government.

But, now that the country has been ruled by the Front National since May, the family have had to make a difficult decision.

“It is important for us to continue this family business in a way that protects our farm and our land,” said Henriette and Guy Lefebvre, who run a garden in the estate.

“We are going to continue with our farm, but it is not the family business anymore.

We have to go back to the family.”

They are not alone.

More than 5,000 people have signed a petition calling for the farm to be taken over.

They want the family to return to their farm in the nearby village of Saint-Petersburg.

The petition says: “The Land de Luxembeers is the most beautiful and most important landscape in the world.

The Luxembecres family of farmers has been farming this land since 1888 and their farm has been part of France since 1905.”

Lefebvres father-in-law has said he wants the family back in the family, as long as the farm is preserved.

“We would like to see this farm preserved,” said the family’s former farm director.

“The family has the right to continue the family farming business in this beautiful land.”

“The farm is not going to be sold.

The family has always wanted to continue to run the farm.”

A few months ago, the couple bought the farm and set about restoring the land.

Now they have secured a grant from the state for the restoration of the land and a new building.

The family is looking for a new home, but there is a lot of work to be done.

They are asking the state to let them keep the farm as they are.

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