Longwood Gardens<atlanta Botanical Gardens

Atlanta Botanical Gardens, founded in 1966 by Dr.

A group of botanical Gardens in Melbourne’s north has been lighting up their gardens during the night for a few days, but what they are really doing is lighting up with the lights on.

Key points:The group has been operating in the city since February and have had over 4,000 visitors by the time of Christmas, according to the organisation’s websiteA total of 4,719 hectares have been planted with about 10,000 bulbs in totalThis has led to a huge spike in attendance, with over 4.5 million people seeing a night of the party at the Melbourne Botanical Gardens over the course of the last six monthsA spokeswoman for the organisation said they had “got to the point where we can’t stand by and do nothing” and had to light up their garden every night for the past six months.

“We’ve got to the stage where we need to make a statement,” she said.

“It’s been quite amazing.

It’s a real eye opener.”

The Gardens are one of many botanical organisations operating in Melbourne, and over the past few years they have become increasingly popular for visitors to enjoy.

The organisation’s founder, Laurie Andersen, said the gardens had a special place in her heart.

“I have lived in Melbourne my whole life, and I’ve never had any experience with lighting up in the same way,” she told ABC Melbourne.

“And I think this is a great opportunity to showcase that.”

She said the events were designed to attract as many people as possible, while also helping the gardens grow their collection.

“The goal is to have a community event that is unique and fun for everyone,” she explained.

“That means we’re having an evening where the whole community comes together and does a bit of socialising.”

In a way, we’re doing two things.

One is to give back to our community, and the other is to encourage people to come out and see the gardens.

“The gardens are currently located in the CBD and are a short walk from the city’s central business district.

Ms Andersen said she was happy with how things were going and would continue to grow the Gardens.”

This has been fantastic for the Gardens and for the community,” she added.”

They’ve been really busy and a lot of people have come out to enjoy the lights.


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