Longwood Gardens<atlanta Botanical Gardens

Atlanta Botanical Gardens, founded in 1966 by Dr.

New research suggests wedding guests could get their hands on some medicinal cannabis plants, while those seeking out the plants could benefit from a direct garden service.

The National Botanical Gardens, in Canberra, has launched a survey to gauge the health of its guests.

It found that around 90 per cent of guests would not consider purchasing the plants, but some of the gardens would be able to supply the plants for free.

“Our survey indicates that the cannabis plant may be the most beneficial plant for people with chronic illnesses,” said the Gardens Director, Fiona Smith.

“Many people with HIV, cancer and other illnesses are not able to afford cannabis for medical reasons.”

Dr Smith said that the survey would be conducted for the first time in the Botanical Garden and would provide data about how people are responding to the plant.

“We’ll be collecting data on people’s experiences in the gardens and how they’ve responded to the plants,” she said.

“It’ll help us know how the cannabis garden is helping people.”

The survey will also look at whether people would use the plants as a “bridge” to other services such as smoking medicinal cannabis, or to a cannabis clinic.

Dr Smith says there was a clear focus on cannabis during the coronavirus pandemic.

“People had very little to no choice about using cannabis,” she told news.com in Canberra.

“They were able to access it because of access to medicinal cannabis.”

But in this instance, there’s an opportunity to bring more services into the Botanic Gardens, so we’re looking to develop services specifically for the Botany Gardens.

“There are no plans for a formal Botany Garden in Australia, but the gardens could become an important link in the wider health of the country.

Dr Thompson said there was no one answer for the question of cannabis, but there were a lot of different things that could help people.”

I think there’s so many other things that we’re still trying to understand about how this works, and what it does,” she explained.”

There are a lot more things that need to be done before we can say, ‘this is what cannabis actually does for us, but we just need to know about it.’

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