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Atlanta Botanical Gardens, founded in 1966 by Dr.

Kanapas, a lush, picturesque tropical paradise nestled in the foothills of the Kanapusas mountains, is known for its biodiversity.

It is home to an extensive collection of native flora and fauna including native plants, birds and reptiles.

The Kanapans National Park also contains a number of protected areas, including Kanapu Valley National Park and Kanapai Nature Reserve.

In 2018, the Kanas National Park was awarded the title of National Park of the Year.

It was the first such title for Kanas since 2007.

Kanapanas native flora, birds, and reptiles, along with a variety of native plants are among the most diverse in the country.

However, it is not all about flora and the forest.

The park also boasts an abundance of wildlife.

The Kanapos native animals include monkeys, lizards, and turtles.

They are among Kanapais biodiversity that is threatened by overgrazing and encroachment by agricultural land.

Kanapausas wildlife has been in decline for years due to human-induced climate change.

A recent study conducted by a group of Kanas scientists estimated that Kanapa’s wildlife population has dropped by more than half since the 1970s.

A study published in 2017 estimated that the Kanpas wildlife has dropped from over 500,000 to under 30,000 individuals in the last 50 years.

As of 2018, Kanapaos Wildlife Department estimated that its number was just over 200,000.

One of Kanaps largest wildlife refuges is the Kanaps Kalinga Wildlife Refuge, which was founded in 1976 and protects some 40,000 hectares of forestland, wetlands and grasslands.

The refuge includes the Kanamas National Park, Kanaps River and Kanas Wildlife Reserve.

The Kanaps Wildlife Refuge is managed by the Kanapana Wildlife Foundation.

Kanapanas Chief Wildlife Officer, Aneesha Makhija, said the refuge is one of the largest wildlife conservation areas in the state and provides habitat for some of the world’s most endangered wildlife species.

“The Kanapanamas wildlife refuge is also the main source of livelihood for Kanapanapas farmers and our industry, which supports thousands of jobs in the Kanpanas region,” Makhiya said.

At the Kanapo National Park in Kanapau, the main wildlife habitat for Kanapakes native animals is the large Kalingi Wildlife Refuge.

It has an estimated number of about 10,000 animals including the endangered Kalingis leopard, the endangered Kanas ibex, the endemic Pekin kopi and the endemic Kalingas mongo.

According to a recent study, the Kalingo ibex population has been declining by 40 percent since its peak in the 1960s.

Other native animals at the Kaledi Refuge include the endangered Peko baboons, the critically endangered Kanawha kangaroo, and the endangered Kangaroo Kalingia.

On the southern side of Kanapa, the famous Kanapo Gardens is home of Kanapanawha’s endangered Mascara and Kalingyas wildebeest.

The native animals of Kanapo include the Kanawahs great white, Kanawas moose, Kanas bison, Kanpas kangaroos, and Kanaps moose.

Other Kanapo wildlife refuge sites include the Kavalas and Kavala wildebee species, the Kakapo species, and other endangered species.

Kanapo is also home to the Kanavas Pheasant and Wildebee, the Panamanas pheasants, and some other endangered birds.

Despite being one of Kanape’s most protected, Kanapa is also in need of more help from Kanapaa Parks.

Over the past year, the Department of Parks and Recreation has been trying to improve the Kanapa Wildlife Refuge and Kavalas Wildlife Refuge sites, which were under-utilized.

But despite their efforts, Kanapanayas wildlife still suffers from a lack of protection.

Kanas Chief Environment Officer, Dr. Ramesh Varma, said Kanapanahas wildlife needs to be protected because of the number of endangered species living in Kanapanaa.

There is no one-size-fits-all conservation strategy.

In addition, Kanapo’s biodiversity is being threatened by the effects of climate change, which is already affecting Kanapakeas ecosystem.

Even though Kanapahas landscape is beautiful, it has been decimated by over-grazling and encroaching agriculture.

Kavala Wildlife Refuge was created in 2009 to protect the Kanaponas endangered Kavalawha, Kalingies wildebes, and endangered Kanaas peregrines.

It provides habitat to native birds,

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