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Posted January 28, 2018 09:01:08 The Last Of Us is arriving in Arizona, and it’s a big deal.

As reported by Polygon, the first wave of players will arrive on February 6, and the second wave on February 14.

The Last will be the first big title to come to Arizona, as the state will host the next major video game event, E3, from June 10-12.

For the uninitiated, E6 is the yearly event that brings the gaming industry to Los Angeles for the last two days of June, where games and media from across the world will converge.

It’s also the first time E3 has been held in Arizona since its debut in 2010.

The new title will launch on February 1, with the next one being on March 6, 2019.

Here’s a look at what you need to know about The Last.

The First Wave of Players: As mentioned above, the new Last will feature a huge roster of playable characters, including Ellie (played by Jill Valentine), Joel (played from Ellie), Nadine (played and voiced by Anna Kendrick), Ellie’s brother, Joel’s partner, and others.

It’ll also include new story missions, a brand new multiplayer mode, and a new cooperative mode.

For gamers who don’t know much about the Last, it’s the sequel to the original game, The Last Outpost, which launched in 2009.

For those who have played the original, the Last will bring the story back to the city of New York, and its survivors to a new location: a farm.

The players will also get a new weapon, a new grappling hook, and new gear including a backpack, gloves, and more.

The second wave will come on February 12, with more gameplay to follow on March 7.

For a deeper look into the new content, Polygon has a full rundown.

Multiplayer Mode: This new cooperative multiplayer mode is where the Last really shines.

The team is joined by a handful of other survivors to try and survive through the night in a zombie-infested farmhouse, where the game’s first-person combat and stealth mechanics will be used.

The first time you play the game, you will get to experience the multiplayer mode first-hand.

This is a single-player game, meaning you’ll get to choose your own path through the farming world and its zombies.

The map features an assortment of locations to explore, and there are two types of zombies to hunt: the farm itself and the zombies outside the farm.

If you manage to survive, you can collect items from the zombies and use them to craft weapons and gear.

The story missions that will play out on this map are set in New York.

You’ll have to use your gun to kill the other team members, or take on the other survivors.

The game also introduces a new crafting system, called the Crafting System, which allows you to craft items like ammo, new weapons, and even a zombie mask to use against the undead.

The crafting system will be implemented in the cooperative mode as well.

You can craft anything from the first two weapons you find, or you can create a new item using your weapon.

It also features a new skill called Craft Skill, which will unlock when you earn enough crafting materials.

The New Story Mission: This story mission is where you will be able to play as Joel.

Joel will be on the hunt for Ellie, who is the leader of a group of survivors.

It will be up to you to save Ellie’s son, Dylan, and to take on another survivor named Ryan.

Joel can be found at the end of the main story mission, and you can also fight zombies and fight other survivors in the new cooperative game mode.

As you fight zombies, you’ll earn new crafting materials for crafting new weapons and more, so you’ll be able craft gear for yourself.

You also get to see the end credits for this story mission.

A New Weapon: The last weapon in the game is the grappling hook.

It is an electrically charged, high-tech weapon that you can use to grapple zombies, and can also be used as a melee weapon.

The hook will be available to anyone who owns the grappling hooks DLC, and players can unlock the hook by collecting all the crafting materials and crafting materials in New New York City.

The final boss fight is also available in this new cooperative content.

For more on The Last, check out Polygon’s previous coverage.

The Second Wave of Characters: The first wave will feature an array of new characters including Ellie, Joel, and Joel’s fiancé, Ellie’s sister, and her fiancé.

The multiplayer mode will also feature a new multiplayer map, called The Woods, which is set on the farm, and includes new enemies, vehicles, and weapons.

It includes new story and side missions, and is available to all players.

The next wave of characters is also on the way.

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