I am Michael Gilgan, an experienced California based Youtube Personality! I like to socialize with my friends and family and spend time with my fans on several social networks!

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Michael Gilgan was born in California on July 25, 2001. He is one of sextuplets born to his parents, but only he, his brother and sister survived the difficult birth. Gilgan’s father left the family when he was three. His mother performed the difficult task of raising triplets on her own. Gilgan become enamored with social media at the age of nine when he discovered Instagram, posting his pictures there regularly.

Gilgan has a deep love for performing and stage, which he discovered when he began performing in school musicals at a young age. At the age of 10, Gilgan began to volunteer his time with various projects. He has helped the elderly, has marched against bullying and has helped abandoned pets find new homes through adoption drives with a local shelter.

Michael Gilgan’s career took off when he partnered with YouNow and started broadcasting on Live.me to talk with other teens about their lives in a positive manner. He then began talking with teens in a positive light across all social media channels. Some of his discussions have saved kids from committing suicide and preventing them from engaging in cutting.

In 2013, Michael Gilgan performed on television series called Freakshow. He has met his fans on multiple occasions, including at Comic-Con to raise money for charity. Gilgan has donated all of his earnings to charity. In 2017, he will be making a trip to Indonesia and has asked the event promoters to donate all of the ticket sales to a shelter in the country that helps children dying of cancer and aids to receive the medicine they need.

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